Emerald Spire: A Super Dungeon Experience

Freaks and Geeks

Meeting is Hard

Four adventurers met at the disreputable inn ‘Alejia’s Crossing’. There was a traveling cleric down on his luck, a freed slave looking to make her ends meet, a gnome guard putting in a few hours of work, and a wealthy Ulfen from lands far afield. The wealth of foreigner attracted the attention of some industrious ‘fur trappers’, and things quickly turned to blows. The foreigner immediately pulled a blade and things got nasty.

During the chaos, the guard’s charge was attacked by a party of goblins outside. Those of the good persuasion moved to help, while the muggers made good their escape. The goblins attacked a junior acolyte and his horse. The commandos astride goblin dogs fled with the contents of the horses saddle bags. Contents of interest to High Mother Dremagne in Fort Inevitable.

With the promise of a reward, the four pursued the dogs. The evening wore on and the party arrived at the ruins of the Emerald Spire. A small green stone keep had been built around an immense and ancient green spire. Looking around, the group of would-be heroes discovered a secret entrance into the ruins.

It didn’t take long for them to raise the alarm in the bowels of the reclaimed ruins. Goblins attacked from all sides and a battle to the death was joined. Through a clever feint and some dumb luck, the adventurers took out the apparent leaders of this goblin tribe: a bugbear named Grulk and a goblin cleric named Skizzerts.

Skizzerts had a wand that clearly bore the High Mother’s seal. She also seemed fascinated with some curious automata, and her emerald minion, Clanky, had been destroyed in the shuffle. Also among the cleric’s belongings was a mysterious sigil along with magic lettering signifiying ‘six’. Grulk had a letter penned in his room, it was addressed to a ‘Murgmo’ . The letter asked how business faired in the ‘Temple of Zog’ and that Grulk was eager to please their new boss ‘Skarmarg’. It went on to claim that, despite the new alliance, ‘Klarkosh’ was none the wiser.

Nahal, the party’s former slave, knew that there was an ancient Temple of Zog underneath Thornkeep. Though the Brambleclaw tribe that called the village home were not known to be as hostile or vile as those found here.

On top of these discoveries, mysterious stairs had been found within the Emerald Spire that twisted down into the earth around the gently glowing green stone.

The group was battered and beaten, and they had a choice ahead of them. Would they explore further down into the Spire? Would they seek out the mentioned Temple of Zog near Thornkeep and pursue these goblins further? Should they attempt to return the discovered wand to the High Mother in Fort Inevitable? Was the wand all that the goblins had stolen? Did riches await them, or only doom and despair? 

Orig Level 1
XP Gained 930
XP Total 930
Curr Level 1
Next Level 2000


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