Welcome to Fort Inevitable, hope you survive the experience.


This is a Pathfinder adventure that is meant to take the players through the Emerald Spire and Thornkeep source books. Its also a test bed for Passive Skill rules as well a new Wandering Monster mechanic.

Our 7 players are still trickling in with various ideas. September 13th is likely to be our first game.

As I already have sprawling notes in various places, I thought consolidating everything into a single Obsidian Portal page would probably be wise.

The initial objectives are to move the 'Emerald Spire Player's Guide' document to OP, provide a link to all the available traits, give Fort Inevitable and the Thonkeep their own wiki pages with maps, provide a page for each named character in the world, and provide a repository for the wandering monster tables (possibly with pages for the encounters themselves?). We will see how far I get.

Emerald Spire: A Super Dungeon Experience